6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium–Cities of Tomorrow: Framing the Future

Cities of Tomorrow: Framing the Future has been selected as the focal point for the 6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium (URKS6), to be held in Barcelona, Spain from October 8-10, 2012. The URKS6 will contribute to inform policy choices that can help policymakers manage potential economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, and social equity tradeoffs associated with urbanization. The Symposium is being organized by The World Bank, in partnership with the City of Barcelona, and some key partners.

Propositions must be posted before the 30th april 2012.

The World Bank & Barcelona October 8-10, 2012

adresse du site : http://www.urbanknowledge.org/urks6.html

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  URKS6_Submission Template

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